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Welcome to Wood Stove & Beyond!

Our website is dedicated to those who are looking for a high-efficiency gasifier wood stove that is built by Unforgettable Fire LLC. In addition, we will be carrying products, parts and accessories that go with them.

These Wood-Burning Stoves are necessary tools:

They are actually necessary tools that happen to provide a warm environment all while saving you thousands of dollars, a ton of time, and quite possibly, your life!

When anyone loses power to their home. Or for that matter, chooses to live off the grid. They typically resort to some type of generating system. Fact: In 2012, nearly 11.4 million generators were sold globally for residential applications…  I find that statistic alarming but not surprising. 

What we are offering you folks is just a smart option. One that will provide all the creature comforts of a standard wood stove + a generator + an oven + a water coil + a blowing system all in one.

Beyond the Stoves

Beyond the StovesThis site is proudly built around two wood stoves that are quite different from any others on the market today.  We also wanted to include America Made Products that will complement any wood stove and the home they live in.

Looking for an affordable log cabin? Or beautiful mosaic tiles for the floor pad or the ceiling around the stove pipe. How about hot pokers, piping for insulation, artistic types of wall protection. Not to mention accessories that are specifically designed only to the stoves on this site plus thermometers, cooking supplies, etc…

As you can see, this site caters to those who are looking for everything needed to have a beautiful new space in your home, your boat, your RV, your cabin, your yurt or any other space you may live in whether its full time or just a short trip.  As this site grows, so will our productsEnjoy exploring.